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Every day of the week, we have clients who come in to Ocala Car Audio to have window film ( Tint ) installed on their vehicle. There are a number of things to consider and price is only one thing that should be looked at. All too often people will shop on price alone. At Ocala Car Audio we understand that you may spend hours a day in your vehicle and you want to be comfortable. We also understand that you will want to have a quality installation that will not need to be replaced in a couple of years. Often times when price is the only concern, you run the risk of getting a questionable quality of film and installation.

Window film being removed by Ocala Car Audio. Originally sold on price alone. You get what you pay for!

This window tint came off the back of a vehicle that was tinted with Limo tint less than 2 years ago at a local tint shop. This tint was sold based on price alone. At Ocala Car Audio we fix those $100-$150 botched tint jobs.

 Why let Ocala Car Audio tint your vehicle?

  • Quality – Ocala Car Audio uses only the best possible products and maintains high quality control standards. We also ask every client to return after 72 hours for us to visually inspect the vehicle, just to ensure we did not miss any thing when the install was completed.
  • Style – Professionally installed Window Film greatly improves the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle.
  • Comfort – Window Film reduces heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun’s rays.
  • Protection – Window Film installed at Ocala Car Audio protects your skin as well as the interior of your vehicle and its contents from those same harmful rays as well as strengthening the vehicle glass.
  • Made in America – The Window Film we use at Ocala Car Audio is Made in the U.S.A. with proven technologies and the highest quality materials, manufactured in an ISO 9000: 2000 certified facility with precision equipment, maintained and operated by an experienced staff.
  • Non-Metallic Means Clear Reception – You and your vehicle need unimpeded reception of radio frequency (RF) signals – including cell phones! From GPS to tire pressure gauges to your Viper security and remote start system, Ocala Car Audio Window Film does not interfere with RF (including the cellular signals used by Viper SmartStart!)
  • Lifetime Warranty – We told you your satisfaction is guaranteed – and we back that up with Ocala Car Audio’s Limited Lifetime Warranty – simply the best in the industry. The warranty is only as good as who backs it. With Ocala Car Audio being named the Retailer of the Year, you KNOW you will be taken care of properly.

What kind of window film are you looking for?

When considering window film ( tint ) for your vehicle it is important to know why you are installing window film ( tint ). Are you looking for an appearance film to simply darken up your car and improve the way it looks, or are you looking for a film that will provide better protection of your interior and your skin? These are two different reasons people get window film installed. What is your reason?

Health benefits of window film

There are many health benefits of installing window film ( tint ) on your vehicle. According to having window film installed on your vehicle may reduce the risk of developing skin cancer by blocking out both UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

A recent report by the New England Journal of Medicine presented an un-named 69 year old man. They state that he “presented with a 25-year history of gradual, asymptomatic thickening and wrinkling of the skin on the left side of his face.”  The gentleman stated he had been a delivery truck driver for 28 years. While the job in and of its self was not the cause, the issue was due to the fact that “Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays transmit through window glass, penetrating the epidermis and upper layers of dermis. Chronic UVA exposure can result in thickening of the epidermis and stratum corneum, as well as destruction of elastic fibers.”

Man with skin damage due to no window film

It is startling to think that this man’s face was permanently altered due to having no window film ( tint ) installed on his work vehicle. If you would like to see the full article from New England Journal of Medicine click here….. .

This is simply one example of what the suns rays can do to your skin. In an article published at they discuss a study done by the University of Washington in Seattle that analyzed a government database on cancer.  This is an excerpt from this article “They found that when skin cancer occurred on one side of the body, 52% of melanoma cases and 53% of merkel cell carcinomas were on the left side. On the upper arms, 55% of merkel cell cases developed on the left side. The study, published online in April by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, provides the strongest evidence to date of a left-side bias in skin cancer cases in the USA.

The National Cancer Institute says that in 2010 more than 68,000 people were diagnosed with melanoma, and 8,700 people died from the disease.

Other research supports the idea that sun exposure while driving can contribute to cancer. In countries where people drive on the opposite side of the road, the right arm gets more sun exposure”

For some clients that want to maximize the protection aspect of the window film ( tint ) installation, they opt to  have the entire windshield tinted with a very light or clear film, since this is illegal in most cases we will not do this type of install unless it is done according to Florida law. Florida law does allow this under certain circumstances.

If you feel this is the right option for you due to medical concerns, you will need to get a prescription from your dermatologist.

Legally Tint windshield form

Appearance benefits of Window Film

For many people appearance is the main reason for choosing to have window film ( tint ) installed. They love their vehicle and really want to enhance the way it looks. It is hard to argue with that as a high quality window film ( tint ) installation really does make a vehicle look much better. Here are some recent picture of a vehicle we completed.

Mercedes convertible with window tint from Ocala Car AudioMercedes Convertible with Window tint at Ocala Car Audio

Please remember when shopping for window film ( tint ), just as in most purchases there are typically more things to consider than price alone. Even if you choose to purchase from some one other than Ocala Car Audio, we truly want to ensure that your taken care of and educated on the right products.

Knowing there are so many things to look at when you are choosing a professional window film retailer, here is a great article on HOW TO CHOOSE A WINDOW TINT STORE  from one of our industry friends and 2010 Retailer of the year Mitch Schaffer has written to help you understand what to look for in your window film installation facility.

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