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In 2008 Parish Tanner began to lay the foundation that would be come Ocala Car Audio (OCA) and set off to take the company in a direction focused on providing clients with an excellent experience behind the wheel and doing business a little of the old fashioned way, person to person, one client at a time.


Ocala Car Audio celebrated their 7 year anniversary with a great team and positive direction in 2015. The company has added a range of services and products that broaden the capabilities to meet client needs and continues to enhance the business daily. Ocala Car Audio is a family oriented, community involved business with a comfortable atmosphere that is welcoming to clientele from all walks of life. While we have pro athlete clientele, we more frequently have athletes and other students from the local high school, their friends and parents as equally important clients.


OCA is a family and we actively promote small business taking a leadership role in the local community to gain the confidence and trust of our neighbors. With our eyes on the future of automotive and electronic technologies, we look forward to being your trusted resource for all of your vehicle electronic and styling needs as we continue to grow with the Ocala community. Thank you for taking the time to get to know exactly who is Ocala Car Audio. The staff at Ocala Car Audio would appreciate if you came by the store today to learn even more.

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